ASI is a customer-focused company. We sincerely believe this is the smart way of doing business as reflected in one of our core values, which is to “give the right solutions for the right needs”. Our services go beyond installing new systems or retrofitting older systems. It includes teaming with our clients to discover their real needs followed by
creation of solutions to deliver value added systems and services that ultimately increases our clients’ profitability.
We are a total system solutions provider. ASI offers flexibility and cost effectiveness through our dynamic management team working hand-inhand with our qualified and experienced technical personnel. An optimal system achieves the correct balance between costs that meet a specific set of technical objectives designed to satisfy real customer requirements in maximizing benefits.
Our services include :
System Planning
Conceptual Design
Project Management
Detailed Design and Engineering Services
Product Supply
Testing and Commissioning
Consulting such as system audit and survey, determining technical
specifications and budget estimation.
Maintenance which normally includes preventive maintenance and
emergency parts replacement