ASI-M carries a variety of field devices or sensors. The WS Series temperature sensors feature options for local communication connection, afterhours override pushbutton, and/or a linear potentiometer for variable user adjust of temperature setpoints. All temperature sensors are equipped with a precision 3000 Ohm thermistor matched with a built-in look up table present in our entire line of controls

The following are the range of temperature sensors that we offer :

WS-051 temperature sensor includes a digital display. It connects to the ASIC/1-8655 or specially configured ASIC/1-8055 VAV controllers to display current temperature and to allow the end user to change the occupied temperature setpoints within a configurable range.
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WS-R sensors are equipped with screw terminals. They do not include a digital display
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TS Series
TS series temperature sensor options include Duct Insertion, Immersion, Averaging, Strap-on and Outside Air Temperature
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The following are the range of pressure sensor that we offer.

ASI-DP series is a line of differential pressure transmitter. The transmitters are capable of sensing full scale ranges down to 0.25” wc. It is design using a variable capacitance sensor. Suitable to measure air static pressure.
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The following are the range of humidity sensor that we offer.

Our complete range of RH Sensor cater for outdoor, duct and room application.

Other sensors and field devices include :

  • Humidity Sensors (Space/Duct/Outdoor)
  • Gas Sensors (CO2, CO, etc)
  • Light Level Sensors
  • Air Flow Switch/Sensor
  • Water Flow Switch/Sensor
  • Electrical Transducers (Current/Voltage/Power Factor/KWH/Power Factor/KW/Digital Power Meter)
  • Water Level Switch/Sensors

Contact us if you need other type of sensors and field devices.