Network & Display

The SINC/3-3000 System Interface and Networking controller is primarily used as the interface to access networked ASI controllers from a PC. Download Datasheet




ASI Etherlink/2
The EtherLink/2 is a simple device to add Ethernet connectivity to an ASI controller or network, providing a cost effective solution for connecting ASI controllers to a new or existing TCP/IP network. The EtherLink connects directly to the RS-232 modem port of a SINC/3-3000 Multiport System Interface. Using the optional null modem cable, an EtherLink/2 can be connected directly to the RS-232 Port of a single ASIC/2-7040 or ASIC/2-8040 controller. The EtherLink/2 is configured with an IP address and setup parameters either directly through the built-in web server configuration interface, or by means of a dumb terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal) connected to the RS-232 port. Download Datasheet

ASI ETH-8540
The ETH-8540 expansion board brings full Ethernet UDP/IP connectivity to the ASIC/2-8540 configurable unitary controller. The ETH-8540 plug-in expansion board is powered by the host controller, and networking configuration information is also stored on the host controller. The ETH-8540 expansion board plugs directly into the ASIC/2-8540 motherboard. The ETH-8540 Ethernet adapter is connected to an Ethernet switch using standard CAT-5 cable. The expansion board is easy to configure using ASI Visual Expert graphical configuration software. Download Datasheet

The ASI Converter/Repeater (ASI-C/R) is a simple, flexible device which extends the communication network beyond the RS-485 rated maximum of 4,000 feet on a single wire run. The RS-485 standard also specifies a limit of 32 devices connected in parallel on a wire, with an ASI Converter-Repeater up to 64 devices can be connected in parallel on a wire. The RS-232 conversion feature allows one to connect to the system via desktop computer, laptop or any other RS-232 device such as a third party control system. The RS-232 to RS-485 conversion also enables location of a PC connected to the network beyond the 15 foot range provided by RS-232 specifications. The ASI-C/R is also used to isolate a network that when wires are run outside a building, to provide some protection against lightning strikes on the wire. Download Datasheet

ASI ePAD04 or eTOP33
The ASI/EXOR Universal Operator Panel, ePAD04, is a cost effective Human Machine Interface for the ASI Controllers. It enables display of controller status, modification of setpoints and schedules, intervention in controller operation via overrides, and annunciation and acknowledgement of alarms.

A bright LCD display with backlight provides clear visual indication. A membrane keypad provides and attractive yet resilient means of data entry in a variety of environments.

The ASIC/2 driver supports ASIC/2 and SINC/3 controller products. The ePAD04 interacts with the ASIC/2-7040 or ASIC/2-8040 on the system or local bus at 9600 baud. Gapping allows coexistence with communication with other controllers and/or the building management software.The ASIC/1 driver supports ASIC/1 controller products.

The ePAD04 is configured using powerful and intuitive Designer software with the ASIC/2 driver. Data from one or more controllers can be placed on a series of screens. The choice of data to be displayed is made at the time the ePAD04 is configured. The configuration is kept in non-volatile memory so that it does not lose program data during power interruption. An alternative eTOP33 Colour Touch Screen is also available.
Download Datasheet