Single Door System.


The Single-Door Access Control System is specially designs with proven and reliable proximity whereby it can be switched do other modes like Standalone, PC Control, Car Park Access, and it is upgradeable to be used in Multi-Door Network System.

This system contains Built-In Controller function for memory and time control, it is supports exit unit, time set and time zones, transaction recording, and it also support external I/O for interfacing with CCTV and Siren. For Car Park access mode, it supports 1 IN and 1 OUT reader, Car Park vehicle counting and control, Car Park full sign activation. For Time Attendance mode, it supports transaction memory retention.

The LCCD Reader unit can be used as exit reader, it keeps transactions date even power fails it can program directly at the reader keypad or from PC software, it can be linked to PC through LAN using MV-25 LAN interface unit or link to PC directly through RS232 ( 1 unit ) or RS 485 ( max. 16 unit per MCI or max. 128 doors ), it also can be linked to the xPoratalNet Multi-Door controller through interface for larger installation.

This system is operates by access management software, it supports access management, automatic data collection, time attendance function, and Client-Server Version. It is easy to program and easy to maintain.

We strongly recommend this system to the medium to large size requirement, it is suitable for offices, managed residential, condominiums and buildings



1 Door IP Access Controller

  • Encrypted IP
  • Direct TCP/IP
  • High Capacity
  • Supports Up to 16 Digits
Configuration Diagram XP-M1000i


  • Reader with Touch Sense Keypad
  • Built-in LCD Screen
  • Built-in Controller & LAN
  • Support Programming through Keypad & LCD at the reader
Configuration Diagram XP-GTR1500L


  • Attached with the fingerprint verification unit, the XP-GT3500L is able to cater for different levels of security.
  • Capacity of up to 3,500 and transaction record capacity of up to 50,000 to cater to applications ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and even public sectors.
  • Its capability to offer different features when operating under Door Access and Time attendance