ASI specializes in various Extra Low-Voltage (ELV) Systems. We market, design, engineer, supply, install, commission and maintain our systems for a facility or a group of facilities which include government,commercial, industrial, medical, educational, entertainment and sport complexes, as well as wide area applications such as traffic systems, airports,seaports, telemetry SCADA and Oil & Gas. In addition, we also offer consultancy, advisory and training services. ASI is formed for the express purpose of providing smart automation system solutions with a single  minded objective of maximizing client profits by increasing efficiency thereby lowering maintenance and utility costs, and by providing a secured and comfortable work environment.
ASI holds numerous distributorships with internationally acclaimed, well-established companies making these extra low-voltage (ELV) products. With constant and uncompromising emphasis in research and development, these companies enable us to access to state-of-the-art technology within the industry. In particular, our ASI Controls Building Automation System (BAS)products are manufactured in Malaysia (and designed in the USA) – these products meet ISO 9000 quality control standards before being shipped worldwide.