Multi Door System.


The Integrated Access Control System for Door, Lift and Car park is suitable for medium to large size installation. It is designed with proven and reliable technology.The Comprehensive reporting function enable user to generate various type of report with criteria selection. For example, report for Late-Comer, Early-Leaver, Absenteeism, Early-Comer, Late-Leaver and OT. Also, the User friendly software contains a Dynamic Floor Plan features.

With the Built-In Visitor Management module, the system able to keep track visitor visiting the building. This system is operates by access management software, it supports access management, automatic data collection, time attendance function, and Client-Server Version. It is easy to program and easy to maintain.


Modular System – Extension Board Based

  • The system is designed to allow you to extend the capacity by simply adding extension boards onto it.  This gives you the cost advantage when you are implementing minor capacity upgrades.  Moreover, the extension board based design provides a consistent architecture in the system and thus promotes better maintenance quality by reducing the system learning time.

Centralised connection

  • The cables are terminated in the controller.  This allows faster data processing as transfer of data are all done onboard and the readers are directly connected to the controller.
  • Centralised connection also promotes better deployment and maintenance quality.  The engineers can perform the inspection and service all at one place and this can help to reduce the cost of maintenance operations.

Configurable to Distributed Architecture

  • Where remote interfacing of door / reader or I/O are required, the controller supports these remote interfacing modules (RIM) that connect to the controller using RS485.
  • This is a flexible and powerful controller capability that gives you the benefit of both useful centralized and distributed architecture in one box.

Support Door, Lift, Alarm Monitoring  

  • The controller has been built for high end integrated security applications.  It can support door access control, car park access control, lift access control and alarm monitoring.
  • You can configure the capacity of the system by adding extension boards or remote interfacing modules.

32 bit ARM Processor

  • The controller uses the 32bit ARM RISC processor at 72MHz.  This is a powerful processor for industrial applications and it enables the system to process the complex applications in real-time manner.

Onboard IP with Encryption

  • The controller is equipped with LAN connectivity at 10/100Base-T using TCP/IP protocol.
  • It supports push based communication to computer for faster data transfer speed.
  • The IP communication is encrypted using industrial standard AES128 for secured communication.

Remote Firmware Download

  • Firmware can be downloaded from the application software via the IP interface.
  • You can update or upgrade the firmware from the computer at site without needing to open the controller box or bring the controller back for service.
Configuration Diagram XP-SNet