ASI IntelliFront

  • IntelliFront™ is the most advanced system and user interface platform, designed for use exclusively with ASI Controls [IN]Technology.™
  • IntelliFront™ creates a seamless and full-featured system experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • The configure-once and reuse approach makes building custom graphics, navigation, data point information, histories, alarms, and schedules incredibly fast and easy.

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ASI Weblink

ASI Weblink is the easy to use software development environment used to design powerful graphical user interfaces for ASI controllers and networks. Users can build animated 3D graphical views displaying real-time data from project sites, and leverage powerful scripting tools to enable rich, responsive user interfaces. Users can design custom screens displaying any real-time system data, device state, valve position, proof of fan etc. You can show or hide different data points, or allow editing of control parameters, depending on the security level granted to the user login.

  • Display real-time onsite data in your local web browser
  • Automated event notifications to email or text message
  • View trend graphs and reports, export CSV data to Excel
  • Assign logins and control access by user security level
  • Integrate CCTV/DVR feeds for unified building interface
  • Create custom screen views for client, building staff, tenants

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The DAK series touchscreen operator panels are Human Machine Interfaces for ASI Controls controllers and control systems. The screen supports fingertip or touch-pen operation, with color graphics for an intuitive understanding of control system status and operating conditions.

  • Touch-Screen panel operation by fingertip or touch-pen 
  • Provided RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet and USB communicating interface s
  • Provided ASI or Modbus communicating driver
  • Supports up to 10 languages and Unicode system
  • Data logging, alarms and historical alarm list
  • 9 password levels protection
  • Allows the display controller status, and to annunciate and acknowledge alarms
  • To intervene in controller operation via overrides
  • Allows modification of setpoints, schedules and monitors status

ASI Visual Expert

ASI Visual Expert is the easy to use graphical interface providing configuration tools for the entire line of ASI controllers, with real-time display of site data points. Controls technicians can quickly design new custom screens or adapt a template to display any real-time system data, device status, valve position, airflow rate, proof of fan etc.  Designers can show or hide different data points, or allow editing of control parameters, depending on the security level assigned to the user currently using the system.

  • Configuration – drag-and-drop editing of controllers, sensors, control loops etc.
  • Commissioning – real-time display of all data points makes debugging easy
  • Documentation – click to generate specification diagrams, html tables
  • Network Setup – simple wizard interface for easy configuration, online help
  • Monitoring – create custom screens for building staff, owner, tenants
  • Control – remotely update configuration via modem, or Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP)
  • Maintenance – familiar Windows-based interface, custom graphical views